I’m so glad that you’re here!

This blog has been a prayer project of mine for what seems like forever. I’ve been dreaming of being able to write and encourage others in whatever season life finds you in.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I recently started this project after having a strong desire to encourage others through writing. In different seasons of life I’ve leaned so much on authors and blogs for encouragement and advice, especially when I lived in a country where I couldn’t speak the language yet. Those writings were such an encouragement to me and still are. My hope is that I can be there for others as well.

In each place I’ve been blessed to live, I’ve met wonderful people and also found so much comfort in those relationships where you can just rest for a minute, plop down on a friend’s couch and just be real. You know, like–no makeup, laundry not put away, let me reheat you some coffee in the microwave, I’m sorry for the smell coming from my trash can kind of real.

I’ve also had periods of time where there wasn’t a relationship like that to be found, nor was I really a friend like that myself. That’s where the heart of this blog comes from. I hope it can be like a place next door that you can come with no pretense, a place to be built up in your faith, to rest, laugh, be encouraged and have a friend to do life with.

I’m a Christ follower, a wife to my best friend, and a momma to three handsome, loud and hilarious boys, and one sweet and sassy princess. My family is passionate about missions and spent many years ministering in Mexico before God brought us back to the US. I currently work in a preschool by day, and am finishing my degree in counseling in the evenings. I love to write in my free time, and my not free time too, its just my favorite. Above all else, I love Jesus and my life is set out to follow Him and love others, and let everything else fall into place.

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This is my wonderful, crazy family that inspires me so much =).