New Year’s Goals in February, Intentionally

How do you make goals for the new year? 

I’ve tried a few different methods! This last year, I received an amazing planner as a gift that had space to do a vision board, and then you could set weekly goals and check them off. Oh my gosh. I loved it. You all know I’m the type of person that adds something to my to-do list that I’ve already done just to check it off, right? 

The year before that, a friend at Bible study taught us how to do the “One Word” exercise to pick a word to focus on for the year. That was so awesome too.

This year, I was praying about setting goals, wondering if I was going to set any. If you read my last post, this is the post that I said I was going to share later in the week haha. It’s a month later… Hopefully by now you can tell I write because I love to, not necessarily out of obligation, so ya’ll can expect me to be a little late sometimes. But it’s here! I did set some goals. 

My goal this year is to be,  drumroll please… more intentional in certain areas.

Okay, I want to preface that by saying, I know that “being more intentional” sounds a little bit like a cop out. How is being “more intentional” measurable? Didn’t I always have good intentions in these areas? As I was praying though, the word intentional just kept coming back to me. Intentional is planned, not on accident. It’s done on purpose. So, I am purposefully planning to put my efforts into these areas:

I want to be more intentional in my walk with the Lord.

I want to be more intentional with my relationships. 

I want to be more intentional with my health. 

And, I want to intentionally continue to be faithful in some areas that the Lord put on my heart the previous year, specifically writing and financial goals. 

So, how can I start? How can I plan for these things?

I’m hoping to write more about each of these areas and how I’m being intentional in them, and I would love ideas in how you are intentional in these areas too– please share! 

To start though, I’m beginning with prayer. I’m committing to pray over these things specifically this year. Last year I actually was able to complete all of my “goals” and I have to be honest— it really had little to do with myself, and everything to do with prayer. I shared in this post about praying over yearly goals. 

I thought I would share in this post about my “why’s” for these goals though. For me, knowing “why” I’m doing something changes everything about how I feel about following through. 

I want to be more intentional in my relationship with the Lord because He is the most important person in my life and I want to know Him better. I want to hear from Him more. I want my heart to care about what He cares about. I don’t want to waste my time doing things that aren’t in His plan for me.

I want to be more intentional in my relationships because loving others is important to God, He’s put them in my life. I want to grow in loving them better and be intentional in how I spend my time with them, especially my children and husband.

I want to be more intentional in my health. It feels a little silly to include this because I know it’s everyone’s New Year’s goal, and welp, it’s mine too. My reasoning though is because I’m tired and achy, and while I realize those may just be constant life symptoms since I’m a preschool teacher, I’m going to still make a desperate attempt to combat it this year. Another why is that the quality of my health also effects my relationships and how I’m able to serve. And, like most of the world, my clothes are a little tighter now than they were pre-quarantine =).

As for continuing to be faithful in the things God showed me last year…until I hear that He is leading in a different way I’m believing by faith He still wants me to continue in those things.

So– those are my “why’s” and I look forward to hearing your advice in walking them out =). Please let me know!  I’d love to hear about your goals and why’s too!

With love,


Hope for the New Year

How are you feeling about this New Year? I know many people are so happy to be seeing 2020 in the rearview. Are you looking at the New Year with excitement? Maybe a little bit uncertain or skeptical?

I personally love starting a New Year. Something about the freshness of starting new and dreaming about goals and having a fresh time table to work with– makes my planning-loving self almost explode with happiness. I know, I’m so weird, but someone has to be.

I haven’t always felt hopeful around the New Year though. A few years ago, I remember being at an all time low. I felt so defeated and down about myself. I didn’t want to make any resolutions or goals, because I felt like there was no way that anything good could come out of me and that it would be impossible to follow through with any of my goals. I ended up trying to make some goals anyway, and I remember a month or so into the year actually ripping the paper up I had wrote those goals on. So not only am I weird, but a little dramatic too, haha–thanks for being my friend anyway! But you get what I mean.

I don’t know if you can relate to feeling like that at all. Last year was such a difficult year too, with so much unexpected. It can be hard to think about the next one and plan. It is very possible too that circumstances in the New Year may not be so much better than the last year. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope ahead. While I may google the next stimulus payment as much as the next person, that cannot be where my hope or expectation is. While it’s probably cliché at this point to say it, my Christian sister, remember our real hope is not in circumstances or how things in our world are going. Our Hope transcends all of that.

Although it was a few years ago when I was really feeling down about the next year, I can see some of those similar thoughts creeping back in. I didn’t want to plan or try because I knew from my perspective that my own abilities and my own strength had failed me so much. I was fearful of other people letting me down as well. The thought of trying and failing, or trying and a circumstance derailing the effort just seemed so not worth it. But when I look back, I can recognize the reasoning why for me was because I was misplacing my hope and expectation.

I just want to encourage you this New Year, God has GOOD plans for you, whether you make goals or resolutions or not, whether you feel like anything good can come from this next year or not. Even if last year seems a failure, there is so much grace to start over each morning. If you know Him, there is good in store. His Word tells us that He already has planned good works for you to walk in this year! That means good things you don’t even have to plan for yourself! He’s already got the details, you just have to listen in. No matter how the circumstances in our world roll out. Things may get darker, but He is the light. We always have hope in Him and can always look ahead with expectation that He will be there. And He has purpose for you.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

So, as your planning (or not planning) goals in this new year, I hope I can encourage you with that–focus your eyes on Him as your expectation and hope. Draw near to Him. It’s okay to not have all the feels about the new year or even to feel a little skeptical about it, but He is going to be there with you. He is going to guide you as you focus on Him. And you can expect that He has good plans for you prepared. His good may look different than what you expect, but you can trust Him. He loves you so much!

Happy 2021!

With Love,



I am making some goals this new year =)! Are you? I’m looking forward to sharing later this week!